Where is residence during studying abroad?

Selection of your residence is an important part of your experience where you will live with people who speak language that you want to learn beside you will know closely of local habits and culture as well as to activate your linguistic skills through daily use in addition to life practices.

BSS will assist you in searching for residential options, where this is a real feature due to difficulties and time wasting for finding a residence in a foreign country.

Some possible probabilities of residence:

Residential units of students

Residence will be in housings affiliated to faculty, houses or student apartments, where you will usually obtain a private room with a common kitchen & bathroom.

Home stay

Through this residence you will have a room or shared room with another student as well as you have also choice that food meals included with housing rent.

Residence in hotels and hostels

There is a group of hotels or hostels provides all requirements through prices suit all budgets.

Is there a reception service at airport ?

BSS arranges service of reception and farewell at airport in coordination to study authority as follows :-

  • Transporting by bus affiliated to educational authority
  • Reception and transport by a private car with driver
  • Reception and transport by public bus or public transport
  • Reception services for VIPs.

How much does study abroad cost?

Cost of study abroad depends on many factors as follows :-

  • Country where you study and live whereas tuition fees and living cost is different from a country to another.
  • Type and time of selected course.
  • Residence place.
  • General expenses related to the same person.
  • Means of transport and communications plays an important role in that featured service and credibility in dealing.