Do you want to study abroad with BSS?

BSS can help you obtain high quality course for special purposes that befits your requirements in any country BSS deals with, through its spread branches in Britain (Bournemouth), America, Malta, Canada, Malaysia, Turkey, Libya (Benghazi, Tripoli, Misurata, Al-Baida, & Sebha) Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Tunisia where BSS will accompany you in all your steps from joining date up to return to homeland.

In which country do you like to study?

With BSS you have option to study around the world, only you must decide any country you desire to study in from the following countries :-

UK – America – Malta – Australia – Canada – Ireland – turkey – France – Spain – Italy – Ukraine – Malaysia – south Africa – new Zealand and others, so through us you will find the suitable place.

Which are qualifications available in these countries?

Most approved education centers organize courses for obtaining internationally and globally recognized qualifications. Approved courses are a huge investment in your future for improving your CV and opening new horizons for your professional future or preparing for follow-up of your postgraduate study.

BSS gives a large group of professional and craft qualifications in various fields such as commercial works – business administration – arts – design – tourism hospitality – human resources.

What is kind of course suits you?

BSS can help you obtain high quality English and other languages courses suit your requirements , but before all that you have to ask yourself some of the following questions :-

Question: do you want to learn English language for practicing a specific work or satisfying and your hobby or following other courses?

Question: what is level in language you like ?

Question: do you enter an examination for obtaining academic qualifications ?

Question: what is your budget you want to expend if you want to study at your own expense?

For answering all questions, you may visit one of BSS branches , where you will find suitable guidance related to your option.