English Courses

What are main types of English courses?

There are English courses suit your linguistic requirements and your language mastering level taking into account that the following courses conform significantly to other languages which are provided by BSS to you.

01- General language courses

It is composed of 15-17 hours, specifically equivalent to 20 class periods weekly and give student a bigger chance to stroll and tour.

02- Intensive language courses

It is composed of 18-25 hours, specifically equivalent to 30 class periods weekly. These courses are very suitable for students, where they give a more significant benefit in short time.

03- long-term study program

It is the best choice for studying English language in terms of economic aspect due to low cost in the week compared to long period that ranges between 20 weeks to 48 weeks and that also contributes to preparation to a specialized certificate.

04- Examinations preparation courses

These examinations are TOEFL & IRLTS where we provide preparatory courses of international examinations for assessing level of student in English language and preparatory courses to all examinations of the famous Cambridge university.

05- English for specific courses

These courses are made for learning linguistic skills a specific professional field such as law, medicine, press, tourism, administration.

06- Foundation course

This is made for preparing a course in a faculty or university including founding courses of academic language, study skills, related professional and academic subject.

07- one –to-one education

One-to-one education provides a private teacher for you

08- courses for teachers of English

These course aim to develop level of non-English speakers through granting certificates of CELTA & DELTA for obtaining an approved academic and practical qualifications.

09- English for academic purposes

EAP study is often made in university for your English language in academic context besides learning study skills such as notice writing, discussion, reading and academic writing.

10– Business English

This course improves language used in the field of business administration. The course is usually intensive for (both businessmen and businesswomen) VIPs.

11- Educational courses for children and young learners in holidays

Young learners English courses in Britain from 8 to 15 years after hard-pressed academic year, where we offer you ideal gift to your children for spending an enjoyable and useful leave in light of a high level supervision and care whereas we mix entertainment and joy with various languages learning .

  • Studying English language at a rate of 20 periods weekly of all levels from beginner up to advanced level by using developed methods of learning such audio devices and internet.
  • Providing housing with families or boarding
  • Providing three meals daily with families or boarding
  • Providing sport and recreational activities , cultural visit and various trips , where school prepares a suitable table of activities every week.
  • Providing services of reception and farewell in airport
  • Providing an approved certificate from British cultural council.