Why BSS?

Since establishment of BSS, our team is characterized by experience through help of large number of Arabs and foreigners from various countries in learning English language in particular and other languages in general for realizing rapidly and effectively educational and specialized purposes, this help includes the following services :-

  • Providing all educational courses for public and private entities as needed.
  • Registering in languages schools and faculties (various specializations)
  • Completing application forms of embassy and providing services of visa request.
  • Providing housing (With families – Independent apartments -Hotel booking )
  • Providing other distinguished services for people with special needs .
  • Ticketing
  • Travel insurance
  • Reception and farewell at airport
  • Tourism services
  • Providing services of VIPs.
  • Air and sea freight
  • Money transfer
  • Providing SIM card of mobile phone
  • Caring and supervising delegated student throughout study period
  • Featured services for people with special needs
  • Rendering reports related to scientific and behavioural achievement to the receiving authority .